Ze Motion is one of the best kept secret, multitalented artist out of  NYC.

Educated at the prestigious La Sorbonne University in Paris France, he is an intellectual with a Master Degree in Foreign Languages (French, English and Spanish). He has a post graduate degree in Information Science and Communication.

Ze Motion been dancing since the 90's, the golden era of hip hop. As a versatile dancer, he is fluent in breaking, popping, locking, house, and hip hop or freestyle. His dynamic, energetic and powerhouse style, makes him a dancer in high demand.


He has been teaching for various dance schools and companies nationally and overseas, been performing, touring with some of the major companies all over the US and Europe.

His love for dance made him a student of music. He believes a great dancer is the one who connects and becomes one with music. His second passion been music. That is why he has been buying  records of all genres since the 90's from blues, dance, disco, funk, house, jazz, soul, jazz funk, world music, hip hop..