One of the best kept secret, multitalented artist from NYC.


Ze Motion studied at the most prestigious French university La Sorbonne in Paris, where he graduated with a Master Degree in Foreign Languages (French, English and Spanish). Has a post graduate degree in Information Science and Communication. He prepared the hardest high school and universities teachers exam known as ''Agregation'' and has worked as substitute teacher for various high schools.


Ze Motion been dancing since the 90's, the golden era of hip hop. As a versatile dancer, he is fluent in breaking, popping, locking, house, and hip hop or freestyle. His dynamic, energetic and powerhouse style, makes him a dancer in high demand. He has been teaching for various dance schools and companies nationally and overseas, been performing, touring with some of the major companies all over the US and Europe for years.


His love for dance made him a student of music. He believes a great dancer is the one who connects and becomes one with music. Self taught, he mastered his moves and techniques by practicing, repetition till he controlled or perfected. His passion for music motivated him to buying records of all genres, from blues, dance, disco, funk, house, jazz, soul, jazz funk, world music, hip hop. While touring, he always bring home records from various places he visited. At a very young age, he always wanted to be able to share his music with a vast audience, and was aware he needed a big library to do so. Ze Motion been having a weekly radio program DVR, Dumbo Vinyls Renaissance on Bbox Radio, with guest interviews, djs, covering the dance community, the hip hop culture and beyond for since 1998.


Ze Motion has a natural body that looks like it's been photoshopped. He has been training for years to better his natural abilities and strength and to overcome weakness from dance related injuries, making him a perfect pick for people who want to stay in shape and enhance their natural abilities. He believes ''you are what you eat'' the body as a container and is very aware of his diet. He trains many clients on a one on one basic or groups or people who are serious and want results. He has featured in promo campaigns for Adidas and many sports and urban brands.


Ze Motion been a sharp dresser since the early days. He believes the first impression people get from us is usually our look, dressing appropriately respecting the dress code for certain places is crucial. He is elegant and like to see men and women well dressed. His physique has allowed him to work for fashion designers from high fashion to upcoming young creators from limelight and modalista. He has a DVR Fashion page offering exclusive and limited edition merchandise, rare gear and personal stylist services for those looking to better their style both personal and professional.


Ze Motion been buying records since the 90's. A big part  of his collection from the flood damages in Jersey, but his love for music never faded. Having more than 8000 records for a someone who embraced the hip hop culture as a dancer first, is quite a decent amount. In the records corner we are offering exclusive, limited edition, vintage, rare records for music fanatic. The selection is rigorous and  favors quality over quantity.

  • Highest level of Education, prepared the Agregation, selecting  high schools and colleges teachers in France.

  • Post Graduate Degree in information Science and Communication with special honors.

  • Master Degree Foreign Languages, and translation. English, Spanish and French.