Ze Motion started dancing when he was in high school. Back then, it was something he did for fun. He enjoyed it alot and kept on practicing with friends. There wasn't many teachers, no youtube, so he will buy a VHS tape from Mr Wiggles to watch and learn the different techniques of the popping dance style and whenever Mr Wiggles was teaching in the city he wouldn't miss the change to learn in person, meeting other members from the Electric Boogaloos, Mr Popin' Taco who taught him the cobra. Later on, he took classes from Mr Jazzy J soulfire, popping and locking in various NYC studios, took classes with Disco Dave, House dance classes with Mr Brian Green at the old Broadway Dance Center. He was also a big fan of sessions where dancers meet and exchange. After mastering his moves by hard work and practice, Ze Motion enjoyed sharing his art forms. He started on a voluntary basis, teaching dancing to at the ASS sorbonne, but the immense success after 2 months made him a full time teacher in the early 2000 with more than 10.000 students taking his classes over 4 years .

Ze Motion taught at the following schools, companies and universities:

  • Adage CF

  • Afro Jazz

  • ASSN Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3

  • Bollywood Dance Geneva

  • Espace Danse

  • Harmonic Studio

  • Entente de Maisse

  • New Dance Group 

  • Kenza Dance 

  • Stars Academy

  • Jana Dance Center

  • La Sylvaine Danse

  • UW, University of Wisconsin

  • Times Square Arts Space


Ze Motion is a performer from the streets of NYC to the stages . Stage is home , his energetic style had him performing for top companies nationally and internationally.


>> Ze Motion was in the revamp of the Love show by Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

>> Performed for Elastic Shore at MGM Grand for IBM INTERCONNECT for Amy Schumer and Will Smith.

>> He was the only back up dancer for Ms Sheila Hilton, Bob Marley's former singer. at the Madison Square                                 Garden featuring Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton...

>> Ze Motion  was in seasons 7 and 12 of So You Think You can Dance.

>> Did one episode of WILD N'OUT season where he showed contestants some breaking moves,by Nick Cannon TV show       on MTV.

>> Ze Motion featured in the Goatface of comedy on Comedy Central.

>> Selected for the Uk Tv Show, The Only One Way is Essex with Dame Dash, booked by Hip Hop USA.

>> Multiple half time performances by at the Barclays Center with Accroback.

>> Performed in the shows honoring The legendary Bruce Lee at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC PCDC.

>> Played Muhammad Ali in The GREATEST shows honoring the greatest boxer of all times Muhammad Ali.

>> He performed with Akim Funk Buddah in the Urban Orchestra in multiple venues in the NYC, Summerstage, BAM       (           Brooklyn Academy of Music ) SOB's.

>> Featured in multiple circus and burlesque performances at the Gene Frankel Theatre.

>> Performed nationally with Love Production in the Urban Funk Spectacular with bboy Ivan .

>> Ze Motion was honored to perform with Antigravity defying the boundaries of suspens and gravity.

>> Finalist in the notorious Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem NYC.

>> Dance Captain in charge for Hip Hop USA Dance department, including private events such as the Sneakers Battle at Long Island University, half time performances for the Brooklyn NETS at the BARCLAYS CENTER in BROOKLYN.