Do not judge a book by its cover is the saying. But reality is we are constantly aware of the dress codes of the many places or people we visit. People will judge you first by your appearance, the image or the first thing they see.





























Ze Motion been a sharp dresser since his early days, knowing the importance and significance of looking decent and adapt to most places he goes to. As an artist, he looks at himself like being a brand, he constantly retouch, polish or stay up to date with the latest tends, but also knows how to be unique and create his own style which is also an extension of ourself and affirms or confirms our personality.

He loves fashion because he has been part of the Fashion world or industry for decades seeing styles come and go. He likes to see people well dressed or caring about themselves. He has attend multiple fashion shows from NYC to the capital of high fashion Paris, upcoming designers to well established or notorious designers, he has witnessed and noticed  the evolution and consistency of Fashion.


>> Ze Motion had the chance of a lifestyle while teaching dance at the prestigious university la Sorbonne in Paris to be       selected for the opening act of the designer Karl Lagerfeld at the Louvres in Paris in 2000.

>> He was on the runway for Maison Margiela in at the Lincoln Center in NYC for the spring Fashion Week of            2015.


>> He also did multiple promotions, fashion week events with Limelight and Modalistas in NYC, working for               many young designers, urban and classic trend setters.

>> Ze Motion modeled for Paris Fashion week 2020 in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo right before the covid outbreak.























As a fashionista, Ze Motion started the DVR NYC FASHION in 2020, offering some pieces of his personal collection and limited edition merchandise during the lockdown. 

Items proposed varied from classy to sporty and trendy.

On this section, you will be given a chance to support or purchase some of DVR items.


He is working on establishing DVR as clothing brand and help people with personal stylist services, helping with outfit matching, advice on how to improve a style personally or professionally