Breaking is a very acrobatic dance style, having a naturally strong body and practicing breaking for decades  built Ze's body like a marvel character, a machine or tank. We all have natural abilities, or skills some people enhance. Ze Motion knows and understand with training, everyone can enhance theirs skills and abilities.

He can see someone potential and knows how to improve it. This requires some discipline and a regimen that goes far beyond the physical training.

Ze Motion is a very active individual. He has a lot of energy and has to find a way to burn it through physical activities, dancing or personal training for him is just part of his lifestyle.


His motivation to training people reach theirs goals comes from personal lifestyle, full of discipline, easy for him to preach what he practices himself on a daily basis.


With hard work, he believes everything is possible. People who followed his trainings regardless of age and discipline all saw results, a fruit of their hard work.

He also treats the body as a container, which means we have to be careful and aware of whatever we consume. His trainings go hand in hand with dietary advice for fast and visible results in a short or long period of time.

"Our body is an incredible machine, but the connection mind-body is key for the body to reach or achieve outstanding results."

Ze Motion



Having been a sponsored Puma athlete when he played Muhammad Ali in the Greatest shows honoring the greater boxer of all times, Ze Motion took his craft to new grounds, reaching promo campaigns for ADIDAS first Boots sneakers.

For individuals looking for results, he is the ultimate trainer to get you where you want to be, because of his hard working skills, method and consistency always thriving for the best.