As a professional dancer, Ze Motion realized early in his very beginnings, it is capital for a dancer to know music and be able to break down how music is composed, from the bass, to the drums, snare, guitar, violin…all musical instruments bring different accents to the song. Ze Motion loves music, all music genres, whatever sounds good to his ears, regardless of its origins lands in his library. From Disco, Dance to Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, preferably Underground Hip Hop,House, Jazz Funk, World music, ZE enjoys music and spends countless hours, listening and understanding how music is composed. He has been buying records since his days in high school, saving lunch money sometimes to buy his favorite vinyls.

He loves the sound quality of records, the crispiness, playing records is the cornerstone of the ultimate music experience.






Ze Motion discovered hip hop during the golden era of the 90's. It was quite easy for him to develop good tastes in music, because back in those days all artists were original and creative. Buying a Tribe Called Quest record, sounding completely different from Da Bush babies , Smiff, N Wessun or Gangstarr.


An unexpected event in 2006 when Ze Motion had his equipments and records damaged in a flood in Journal Square, New Jersey. During those days, with no dj equipments, he spent his days at the Scratch Dj Academy where he was able to use turntables and session with others djs and students.


He also spent most of his time in records stores such as Fat Beats, Beat Street, Music Factory, Virgin Megastore in Times Square, A1 Records. During his days on the west coast, he found a lot of records from Amoeba Records on Sunset, Zia records in Las Vegas and  Record City.

Whatever city he visits, Ze Motion usually makes a stop at the local record store. He loves to share his music, he is best known for his music selection and unpredictable mixes and always play vinyls in his sets. He plays for various venues, bars, clubs, private events in NYC, at the national level and in Europe.





















Clubs, Venues, Events, Private Parties...

>> Superfine Dumbo, monthly event precovid, Superfine Funk

>> The  Hart Bar Bushwick Vibes.

>> Midnight Radio shows 

>> 1Hotel Private Parties.

>> Macha Tea Company in Madison Wisconsin

>> Rock N Soul

>> Chelsea Records Tv

>> Champmesle Club Geneva Switzerland

>> Music Avenue Paris

>> EXPG for dance sessions

>> The James Hotel Private events.

>> Hip Hop USA, events at LIU, and Half time games at the Barclays Center


Ze Motion also dj internationally, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Germany.

He also dj for private events such as birthdays, weddings, sweet16, professional and corporate events festivals, concerts, rooftops and lounges, bars...








Ze Motion always wanted to share his music with a bigger audience,

and to do that properly he needed a decent amount of records.


The Dumbo Vinyls Renaissance radio shows been running since 1998, once a week, with over 150 episodes, 89 guest DJ, 102 interviews of dancers, including personalities like Darryl of RUN DMC, Mr Sinista of the X ecutioners.


"A radio show by a dancer for dancers, and artists of all genres."


The shows are live on BBOX Radio, broadcasted by TuneIn radio (free app) archives by Mixcloud and recorded for Wednesdays 7:30 to 9pm Eastern Standard Time.




Ze Motion is known for keeping it analog at the radio and during his regular sets in NYC, at the national level or International level.


He is a big fan of the crispy sound of the record and the whole art form of playing vinyls, there is nothing like the warm sound of a record.

He is undeniably one of the best kept secrets in NYC, those who love warm music like they don't make nowadays. He is the best selection and unpredictable dj.